Benefits of Having an Addiction Treatment Program Located in Your Community

Feb 12, 2020 1:15:44 PM / by Providence Recovery Services

What comes to mind when you hear that an addiction treatment center is moving to your community? 

Will it attract “addicts?” 

How about, wondering if the crime rates will spike? 

We can refer to these stigmas as having a “not in my backyard” mentality, and both questions are untrue. Research proves that having a local, community-invested addiction treatment center near you can decrease long-lasting addictions and altogether the following in your hometown: 

  • Crime rates
  • Healthcare costs
  • Homelessness 

Continue reading to discover the positive impact an addiction treatment center can have on your community


Doug Leech, founder and CEO of Ascension Recovery Services, shared his story of addiction, how he came to open his first sober living home and the community's response to it, in a video titled "Uncommon Stories." 

“There were no options for me in West Virginia. There were very limited residential treatment centers. I was one of the lucky ones that had a family that could pay for me to go out of state treatment. My experience in Minnesota, going through treatment, then the half-way house and then a sober house, it was so incredible. I wanted other people to have that opportunity. When I came back to Morgantown, I went to work at a CPA firm, but I didn’t have the heart for it. My passion was really, ‘how do I fill these gaps in care.’ There were no sober homes in the area and there really wasn’t anything within a couple of hours drive. The first thing that I worked on was the men’s home for Morgantown Sober Living. There was a small pocket that was very outspoken and against it. I knew I was doing the right thing. I knew how much it helped me. I knew we were going to be an asset to the community so we just pushed forward.” 


“It’s not just about the person affected. It’s the family, the community as a whole,” Leech continued, “You see people go into this program, transform. They leave the program. They’re happy. They rejoin their families. That’s really making a difference.” 

Doug, and his team at Ascension, develop top-notch addiction programs throughout the United States. 

“We develop programs all around the country and not once has one of our programs increased drug activity, crime or any other negative consequences in the area they are located. Crime and drug use are already going on. With the programs we develop, we are directly reducing that criminal activity because we are getting folks healthy, clean, gainfully employed, back with their families and remaining drug and alcohol-free while working to improve every facet of their lives,” said Leech. 

Having a Not In My Backyard Mentality 

“All of these assumptions are borne out of fear and are not based on any data or fact. This phenomenon is called NIMBY – Not In My Backyard. John Hopkins did a very deep research study based on actual data by researchers and the conclusion was that a drug treatment center does not create any more drug or criminal activity than any other commercial business,” Leech continued, “Protections have been made though federal law that trumps local or city ordinances to prevent this fear-based response from keeping a treatment provider from locating services.”

You can discover more about the Not In My Backyard mentality by clicking here

Addiction Treatment CommunityAt Providence Recovery, we believe a local, community-invested addiction treatment program can benefit its surroundings by:

  • Decreasing long-lasting addiction
  • Lowering crime rates, healthcare costs and homelessness

Decrease Long-Lasting Addiction

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the cost of addiction treatment accounted for only six percent of the total costs associated with drug use. 

An intensive outpatient program is proven to be less costly while delivering better results to integrate the home environment with long-lasting addiction treatment.

Treatment methods are clinically useful and economically reasonable, according to Psychology Today. Also shown is that with more funding to raise awareness of addiction along with an increase of educational resource investment, the percentage of informed conversations about drug use will take place with physicians to further prevent drug activity. 

Lower Crime Rates, Healthcare Costs & Homelessness

Did you know that substance abuse costs the United States over $600 billion each year? Believe it or not, addiction treatment can reduce these costs, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. 

Without the action of taking steps to minimize and reduce drug activity and addiction, costs, crime rates and homelessness will all increase. That’s why institutions like Providence Recovery are developing to take a stand and provide a necessary need for communities. 

Each dollar invested in addiction treatment programs generates a return of up to seven dollars in lowered drug-related crime. Additionally, savings related to healthcare include exceeding expenses by a ratio of 12 to one.

Addiction treatment centers are improving the quality of care and opportunity to transform lives all over the country by making these centers more accessible with quality, personalized programs for individuals with addiction. 

Substance abuse correlates with homelessness. The truth about homelessness is that a high percentage of those who are homeless do struggle with substance abuse. However, addictions should be viewed as illnesses and need a personalized program with treatment, counseling and support to effectively overcome. 

For many homeless people, survival is more of a priority than seeking help or developing personal growth. Those with a substance use disorder and who are homeless are more likely to act out with violent tendencies

With the help of a local addiction treatment facility with open doors, there is hope. 


Full Continuum of Care

We make the recovery experience comprehensive, spanning the entire continuum of care. Our team prides itself on supplying patient-centered addiction treatment right here in the community of Craig, Colorado.

At Providence Recovery, our founding team has an extensive medical background, meaning if an individual needs to seek residential treatment, our team can help them find one.  

Effective Treatment Programs and Therapies

At Providence Recovery, we are a locally-based treatment center with the support of local hospital and medical staff, meaning our expert team has the option to tailor treatment plans to every individual who walks through our doors. Some, but not all, therapies we provide include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Choice Theory/Reality Therapy

We understand that life can get busy and responsibilities tend to pile up. Good news - You don’t have to put a job or family on hold to get our care. Providence Recovery’s IOP provides high quality therapy that works around your obligations.

Supportive Environment

A sober living home is excellent for an individual wanting to transition to a life with a structured environment. At Providence Recovery, we ensure that individuals in our care are placed in a positive home environment. 

Additionally, if a person is experiencing homelessness and has an addiction, a sober living home may be the best option to get them off the streets and into a supportive environment. 

We Genuinely Care 

Providence Recovery was founded by medical professionals passionate about the treatment of addiction recovery. We have extensive medical backgrounds and look forward to guiding those in need of addiction treatment through their customized program. 

Being a smaller, local, community-invested program, we open our doors to anyone in the community - even if you don’t have an addiction and just want to learn more. Feel free to come by and ask questions about substance use.


Addiction treatment centers in the community can help make a positive impact on its surrounding area. 

We have many options for treatment services from an Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Program, Medication Assisted Treatment to a Sober Living Home. Our programs are designed to encourage positive and lasting recovery. 

If you know someone who needs help or would like to learn more about addiction treatment, contact us. 


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