A Backpack Full of River Rocks

May 6, 2020 12:00:00 PM / by John Kinkaid

Sometimes, we carry huge loads around without even thinking about it. These loads consist of harrowing experiences of hurt, disappointment and guilt from childhood to today. Eventually, it all adds up. When life's pain is too much to handle, we search for ways to cope and for some, that can lead to self-medication.

At first, self-medication may work. However, it then becomes all-consuming and loses its benefits. Self-medication becomes yet another heavy burden. Instead of helping, it becomes a massive problem for you to manage. 

Just what you needed…. one more huge problem. And, over time, it gradually grows more prominent. Maybe it even gets to the point where you can't function. That's not what we want. We want you to thrive and leave behind your backpack full of river rocks (life's pain). 

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Imagine wearing a backpack filled with river rocks. Every day you wake up and that backpack is there waiting to be worn and carried around all day. It's heavy. It slows you down and you can't run. It makes everyday living an exercise in endurance. You're exhausted, only doing normal activities. The load was bad before your addiction, and now it's way out of your control. It's too heavy to manage.

Are you tired of carrying around all of that baggage? If done correctly, addiction treatment allows you to unload all of your river rocks and empty the backpack, judgment-free. Working through issues is overwhelming - we understand that. You may ask yourself, "How do you begin that big of a project?" Don't feel hopeless. It's not.


As you work through your personalized treatment plan and share your intimate burdens, that backpack once full of river rocks starts to feel lighter and lighter. Keep reaching in and pulling out life's loads, and our team at Providence Recovery is here to help you every step of the way. You'll find that life gets better. It may start to feel like you're walking on the moon!

Please know that you are not alone. Let us help you get back to the life you deserve. Give us a call today.


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John Kinkaid

Written by John Kinkaid

John is one of the newest members of the Providence team but has a long history of living and working in Craig. He worked for the Craig Station (locally referred to as “the Powerplant”) for many years and was a Moffat County Commissioner. His volunteer work is just as impressive, as he is a former Memorial Regional Health hospital board member as well as a former Moffat County School Board member. John is also a 2016 Gates Family Foundation Fellow, and an alumnus of Senior State and Local Officials Program, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government. He recently completed his Peer Support Specialist Certification and functions in this role for Providence. He is married with three children and four grandchildren. His hobbies include weightlifting, skiing, and soaking up the sun on warm spring days in Craig. John says his Favorite movie is Silver Linings Playbook. He enjoys bringing snacks to the office and seeing people smile.