Benefits of Group Therapy In Addiction Treatment

Jun 10, 2020 12:00:00 PM / by Providence Recovery Services

A part of seeking treatment for substance use is finding a community that truly understands you. Not only can this community help you in times of need, but can also celebrate with you in times of accomplishment.

At Providence Recovery, we offer our clients the ability to participate in group therapy as a way to encourage community connections. 

Continue reading to learn more about why we believe in group therapy. 


One: Fostering personal growth. 

When a patient goes to group therapy, they will be surrounded by others who have similar or the same struggles that they may be facing. In a group setting, a patient will find understanding and face challenges or different opinions from their peer group, which can help foster critical thinking. 

Two: Finding positive peer pressure. 

While we don’t encourage peer pressure, we do believe that in addiction treatment, especially through groups, having a community that helps you toward positive outcomes is beneficial. Group therapy demands a level of commitment from each individual in the group, meaning if one person doesn’t show up, it can significantly hurt the group. Therefore, enrolling in a group can instill personal responsibility and pressure from the group to attend, as these are all people who feel like they have something to lose. 

Three: Breaking from the grasp of isolation. 

Addiction can be a lonely place, even when surrounded by people. Often, those who struggle with substance use disorder feel like they’re alone, not understood and their voices aren’t heard. In a group setting, a patient will find those they’ll bond with and grow lifelong friends, and that others are willing to listen to how they feel and think. 

Four: Finding structure in an often unstructured environment. 

In treatment, it is often recommended that those struggling with substance use and are going through treatment build a routine. This routine provides a structured background for their life, but it can also remind them why they are in treatment in the first place. 

As mentioned, those who seek treatment now have something to lose. Group therapy and feeling the pressure to attend is another layer an individual can add to their routine. 

Five: Finding hope.

Going through group therapy can give an individual a sense of hope. From witnessing others go into recovery to helping others seek treatment, patients in group therapy find a reason to continue going.


Research overwhelmingly shows that group counseling is the most effective method to receive care.

At Providence Recovery, a trained counselor will guide interactions in a group setting that will encourage reflection, accountability, empathy and developing positive communication skills. 

Not only do we encourage group therapy participation, but we also encourage attendance to other peer-run support groups. 

If you or a loved one is seeking treatment, please give us a call at 970-824-LIFE to talk about your options. 


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